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Promoting Research to Prevent Child Maltreatment. Summary of the XIXth ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect (2012)


Optimus Study: A cross-national research initiative on protecting children and youth. First results 2011 (2011)




Ethical factors involved in scientific studies of sexual abuse and sexual victimization

Research on sexual abuse and sexual victimization involving children and adolescents raises a number of ethical questions. For this reason, the University of New Hampshire is currently studying the ethical factors to be taken into account for scientific work on sexual abuse and sexual victimization. 

First results are expected available soon.


Impact of sexual victimization on global health

The Global Burden Disease Project examines over one hundred factors, which negatively impacted the global health status in 2011. This also encompasses various forms of violence, including sexual violence. The aim is to compile all existing global data on the prevalence of child sexual abuse in both men and women, correct for differences in study quality and methodology, and project global population estimates of CSA exposure for the year 2010. 

Report available soon. 


Meta-analysis of prevalence of child sexual abuse 

The Institute for Social and Preventative Medicine (ISPM) of the University of Berne is currently compiling a systematic meta-analysis of existing international data. Studies that were conducted over the period from 2002 to 2009 and that examined sexual abuse of children and adolescents under the age of 18 are systematically compared. The project comprises 55 studies from 24 different countries. 

Key results are available in the publication listed below.

  • Barth, J., Bermetz, L., Heim, E., Trelle, S., & Tonia, T. (2012). The current prevalence of child sexual abuse worldwide: a systematic review and meta-analysis. International journal of public health, 1-15.

Systematic reviews on prevalence estimates of child sexual abuse (CSA) worldwide included studies with adult participants referring on a period of abuse of about 50 years. Therefore the study aimed to describe the current prevalence of CSA, taking into account geographical region, type of abuse, level of country development and research methods.

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